CSI Las Vegas

Parallels, Differences seen in Popular TV Show

It’s no accident that the popular television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation takes place here in Las Vegas. After all, our own local crime lab is the second-busiest one in the country. The busiest one is actually the FBI’s crime lab located in Quantico, VA, so it could be safe to say that the Vegas lab is the busiest among state or local facilities in the nation.

Many people are unaware of the fact that the equipment featured in this television series is actually working equipment that was either purchased or donated especially for the set. The cameras used by the actors are also working and functional.

Although the equipment is functional, tests that are shown on camera may not actually work the same in real life as they do for viewers. Many tests that take only a few minutes or seconds during the show actually take several days to perform in real-life settings.

The show is also loosely based upon two actual criminal investigators who work for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Many of the codes spoken in the show are actual police codes, and some of the storylines also follow real cases.

It seems that there has been an increased interest in forensic science since the show’s debut. Viewers should take note of the fact that improper handling of forensic specimens could lead to wrongful convictions.  Just because a test comes back with a verdict does not always mean the person tested is guilty.  It is always best to deal with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas.