Criminal Defense Issues

Criminal Defense: Las Vegas

The legal system of Nevada can be intimidating to people who are unfamiliar with its intricacies. However, if you are facing any criminal charge in Las Vegas, it is extremely important to know your rights under the law. Otherwise, you could end up paying for something that you never did. Without adequate legal representation, it is also possible that you could end up surrendering your case when it would not have moved forward anyway!

It is too common that people will respond to the charges filed by the prosecutor with a concession. This is a mistake. Simply being charged with a crime does not mean you are already convicted! In addition, it might take months or even a year for the case to resolve. It is quite common to see charges dismissed even after the process has extended well past an entire year.

It is important to suspend your own judgment on how the case is progressing in order to best allocate your emotional energy. Every effort made should be in your best interest. When you contact Potter Law Firm, you are a member of a team, and we need your confidence to help your case. Experience shows that many court cases are dismissed for a variety of reasons.

Even if the case cannot be dismissed, a great legal defense will always have another plan ready to negotiate for the least damaging outcome. Without an aggressive criminal defense attorney, you might be coerced into settling for an unfair penalty. This is not an option when you work in partnership with the Potter Law Firm.

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