Criminal Defense in Tough Cases in Las Vegas

potter 012Cal Potter is an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who has successfully represented the accused and the injured for over 30 years. He is particularly skilled at challenging cases that appear to be leading toward destroying a person’s life. The Potter Law Firm operates from the position of knowing the rights in any given situation and then using wisdom and experience together to handle the tough cases.

In criminal defense cases, the defendant has the basic right of assumed innocence, and the prosecution must prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. To maintain and prove the defendant’s innocence, the party being charged needs to obtain a criminal defense lawyer like Cal Potter. Mr. Potter has focused his attention on assessing and applying the laws of Nevada to prevent his client’s incarceration.

Criminal defense cases are a special division of the legal system, and the Potter Law Firm is dedicated to these difficult charges. Located in Las Vegas, the Firm also represents defendants in other states across the country because the reputation of Mr. Potter has exceeded the borders of Nevada.

Cal Potter is drawn to cases that are confusing to the average person because they appear too difficult to represent. These difficult cases often come with extreme consequences, which could mean spending decades in prison. Mr. Potter has years of successfully practicing law in Nevada, a state where crime is plentiful.

With his skill and talent in this area, Cal Potter represents the hard cases in criminal defense. He is experienced in assault, battery, credit card fraud, casino markers, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUIs, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, embezzlement, hit & run, juvenile crimes, Internet crimes, prostitution, reckless driving, probation violation, homicide, firearms, embezzlement and other felony charges. When you have been charged with a criminal defense, you need an attorney who knows that laws were made for all citizens.