Criminal Conspiracy in Las Vegas

Criminal Conspiracy

A criminal conspiracy occurs when two or more people plan or commit a crime and one of them takes action toward committing the offense. Each person can be charged with criminal conspiracy.

The planning and action must take place for the charge of conspiracy to be valid. It is foolish to discuss committing a criminal act, but it is not illegal. Criminal conspiracy can occur after the crime has been committed as well as before. Knowing about the crime and aiding the suspect by hiding the evidence is also considered a conspiracy. The purpose of the law is to ensure that everyone who was involved in the crime is charged as a group. There are some exceptions to the conspiracy statute for spouses or minors. Prosecutors sometimes use the conspiracy charge as leverage to encourage one individual to confess to the lesser charge. They then use this information against others involved in the commission of the crime.

If you are charged with criminal conspiracy, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas. It is important that you fully understand the charge and the possible punishment. We can analyze your case and possibly establish that you were an unwitting partner and not actually involved in the conspiracy. There may be other factors that we can introduce to get your charges reduced or dropped, such as your youth and willingness to help the investigation.

The facts and circumstances in your case may enable our team to seek probation or a not guilty verdict.