Credit Card Fraud

ccfraudThis may be you —

If you have been accused of credit card fraud in Las Vegas, you need to act quickly.  Credit card fraud, as legally defined, is the use of a credit card as a fraudulent source of funding in a transaction.  This can refer to stolen identity or the use of cards with knowledge of insufficient funding available to gain access to goods or services.

Credit Card fraud can often start off with a simple transaction where there are expected funds coming in, and in order to “bridge a gap” relating to financial difficulties, there is a charge placed on a card with an intention to “pay back the person” or get money into the deficient account before the transaction posts. In other words, credit card fraud often starts with the best of intentions to make the fraud right, but spirals out of control quickly.

In other cases there is a more nefarious intent.  Whatever the cause of your accusation, be assured the Law Office of Cal J Potter can successfully represent you in cases involving credit card fraud.

Common cases involving credit card fraud can have the following elements:

  • Identity theft
  • Stolen cards
  • Application fraud
  • Carding
  • BIN attacks

The legal case against individuals who commit credit card fraud is severe.  Since merchants bear the full brunt of credit card fraud, they have been aggressive to comply with law enforcement officials to try and receive remuneration for the damages they have experienced, or at least help in curtailing illegal activity.  These measures include providing voice or video survellience evidence of the crime that was alleged.  The more obvious the evidence, the more skill that is needed to represent those accused of this crime.

With your partnership in the legal process, we can formulate a plan to best protect your rights.  The legal system is charged with the task of proving your guilt, the Potter Law attorney assigned to your case has vast legal experience to help maintain your innocence in these complicated legal cases!  We survey the landscape of evidence brought against you and build a solid strategy for effective representation in these complex matters,

Attorney Cal Potter has represented many individuals with credit card fraud charges successfully.

Please call us regarding a free initial consultation if you have credit card fraud charges pending against you or a loved one.