Conspiracy, Forgery, Identity Theft and More

credit-cardsLas Vegas authorities have broken up a credit card fraud ring. The five men and six women are accused of using fake credit cards to get cash advances at casinos. The plot operated from 2013 to 2014, and involved using stolen identifications. Charges against those allegedly involved include racketeering, running a financial forgery lab, theft, conspiracy and forgery.

Each of these crimes carries serious penalties. If any of the accused are convicted on these charges, they may be facing several years in jail. Moreover, they will likely be fined a sizable amount.

If you have been charged under NRS 199.480 for conspiracy or under NRS 205.463 for identity theft or with another crime, then you need a competent, aggressive legal defense team. The Potter Law Offices has experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys who are willing to provide you with the zealous defense you deserve. Cases involving these crimes are always complicated. Perhaps you never had any intention of committing these crimes. Maybe the prosecution doesn’t really have enough evidence to convict you. There are many possibilities for your defense, but it’s necessary to act quickly.

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