Consequences for Using False Identification

Love triangleProper, government-issued identification is a necessity in the modern world. If you don’t have the right identification, then things become difficult. For instance, you need appropriate identification when you’re applying for a job. Without it it’s a virtual guarantee that you won’t get hired.

Many people are attempted to the break the law by using false identification. Some of them are underage kids hoping to gain access to alcohol, cigarettes or casinos. Kids who violate NRS 205.460 may just be trying to see what they can get away with. Unfortunately, the consequences if they are caught can be very serious. It may just be a misdemeanor, but they may be looking at six months in jail and substantial fines.

Other violations of NRS 205.460 involve illegal aliens who use false identification to gain employment. Many people arrive in Nevada destitute and desperate for means to support themselves. This drives them to seek the false identification that will make it appear as if they can legally work in the U.S. This use of false identification may be considered a category E felony and result in as much as four years in prison.

Getting caught using false identification is no laughing matter. You need an attorney who takes your situation as seriously as you do. The Nevada criminal defense lawyers at the Potter Law Offices are ready to defend you in court, if necessary. You deserve competent, professional representation when your freedom is on the line. Contact the Potter Law Offices today.