Concealed Carry Laws for Nevada Visitors


Young Criminal sitting on little Shopping Cart with big Gun. Intentionally Bleached Postprocessing.Thanks to the U.S. Constitution citizens have the right to own guns. Nonetheless, there are laws that govern the use of weapons at the state and federal level. Failure to follow these laws can have serious consequences. If you have been accused of violating any of Nevada’s weapons laws, you need an experienced attorney to defend you in court.

Nevada’s gun laws are somewhat permissive in that no permit is required to purchase a firearm. Still, if you want to carry that gun with you, then you will need a concealed carry permit. Non-residents may also be allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Nevada if the license or permit they have from their state is recognized by the Nevada government. NRS 202.3688 stipulates the circumstances in which a non-resident may carry their weapon in the state. If your concealed carry permit isn’t from one of the states recognized by the Nevada government, then you may be charged under NRS 202.3688.

Being accused of a weapons violation in Nevada is a serious matter. It means that you’ll need the services of a competent criminal defense lawyer like the practitioners at the Potter Law Offices. The Las Vegas defense attorneys at this office recognize how much is at stake when you’re facing weapons charges. The consequences may be dire if you don’t get adequate legal advice as soon as possible. Remember that the police and the prosecutor are not on your side. That’s why you need an advocate working for you.