Complicated With Staged Accidents

Tips for Identifying and Avoiding Staged Accidents

Automobile accidents are bad enough on their own, but they’re even more devastating whenever they have been staged. Knowing how accidents are staged can help you fight unnecessary liability in the event you are a victim of one.Accidents sometimes happen in heavy traffic whenever another driver “waves” you over into his or her lane. Rather than letting you in, you’ll be hit from behind. Motorists also “lie in wait” at intersections, waiting for someone to cross, and then t-bone them. The “swoop and squat” is also popular, and involves a driver maneuvering around you, pulling in front of you, and then slamming on the brakes.

After an accident, passengers in the other vehicle may complain about severe neck or back pain, even though the damage to the car was relatively minor. Their complaints may intensify once police arrive on the scene. It may seem as though witnesses suddenly come crawling out of the woodwork, all of them agreeing with the other party’s story.

Uncovering staged accidents requires an intensive investigation, as doctors, repair shops, and tow truck drivers sometimes collaborate with scam artists to pull these events off. If you’re the victim of a lawsuit due to a staged accident, you need a strong legal defense team on your side. Potter Criminal Defense is standing by ready to help.