Committing Credit Card Fraud Is Easier Than You Think

credit-cardsThanks to the difficult economic situation over the last several years, charges of credit card fraud have become common in Nevada. NRS 205 defines what credit card fraud is and the penalties that may result from a conviction. If you’ve been accused of credit card fraud, it’s vital that you hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to defend your rights.

Some people commit credit card fraud in Las Vegas without realizing that they are violating the law. Imagine that someone living in Nevada receives an electricity bill in the mail. They don’t have the money to pay it, so they fill in the number of a credit card that they know has been cancelled or otherwise isn’t available for use. They send in the “payment,” hoping that it will buy them enough time to raise the money to pay the electricity bill.

By attempting to pay a bill with a credit card that they knew wasn’t valid, this Nevada resident may be accused of committing credit card fraud. Their situation may appear bleak, particularly if the utility company decides that they will pursue charges. The good news is that an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can find many ways to mitigate this person’s situation.

There are defenses to credit card fraud in Nevada, but it’s important to hire the right lawyer first. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices will thoroughly investigate your circumstances and recommend a legal strategy that may greatly improve your situation.