Committed a Bizarre Crime??????

With the technology that fills society today, think twice before getting into an accident and turning it into road rage. On Wednesday, KSNV, Channel 3 News, reported that a 34-year-old woman driver had just exploded into crazy road rage after making an incorrect lane change during on I-95 Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas. That would have been the end of it, fender-benders happen every day, but this motorist lost it, and the motorist she hit, caught it all on their cell phone.

Her extreme road rage stopped traffic as she flashed the other driver as she hurled profanities the entire time. The video was posted on News 3 and Facebook and viewed more than 30,000 times.

Then, on top of everything, she then took off, and Nevada Highway Patrol had to give her a hit-and-run. The video caught her driving away, but, everybody has a cell phone, so it pays to remember that before committing a crime.

Only six days later, NHP arrested this crazed driver; she had nowhere to go because her face had been shown everywhere in Las Vegas on the cell video. She is now in jail with five charges as the result of her bizarre show last Thursday. If she would have simply accepted her ticket for an improper lane change, she could have gone on with her life.

Potter Law Firm understands that things just happen sometimes, and they believe in giving people a second chance. If you have gone a little crazy and committed a crime you now regret, contact our office., so we can discuss the details of your charges.