Commercial DUI Lawyers in Las Vegas

If your job involves driving a truck or bus, then you probably have a commercial driver’s license. Nevada has a separate law for people with a CDL and are arrested for a DUI. Defined under NRS 484C.120, this law imposes a lower BAC limit than is standard for other drivers. It’s imperative that you speak with commercial DUI lawyers in Las Vegas to maintain your livelihood.

While most drivers would have to reach a BAC of 0.08 before they are likely to be arrested for a DUI, commercial drivers are held to a stricter limit of just 0.04. Even a BAC of lower than that amount can result in an arrest if the officer believes that the driver is behaving in an impaired manner.

Being a commercial driver who is charged with a DUI is no easy thing. Fortunately, a qualified commercial DUI defense attorney can use several defenses that may get the charges reduced or dropped. For instance, the attorney might argue that the vehicle being operated was not a commercial vehicle. Prosecutors who are unable to prove that the involved vehicle was being used for commercial purposes cannot charge the driver under the commercial DUI law. Additionally, the attorney may be able to show that the police made mistakes during the traffic stop or that the stop was not a proper one. Police frequently make errors when administering field sobriety tests. Moreover, sometimes the equipment that’s used to collect BAC levels malfunctions. Any of these situations could be enough to get the commercial DUI charges dismissed.

Commercial drivers who are convicted of a DUI are subject to many of the same penalties as regular drivers. However, in addition to possible jail time and fines, these drivers may also lose their commercial license. A first-time conviction can bring a one-year suspension unless the driver was transporting hazardous cargo, in which case the suspension could be long as three years. A lifelong revocation may be instituted for a second DUI conviction.

You may be able to preserve your CDL if you work with aggressive commercial DUI lawyers in Las Vegas.