Cocaine Arrest at Las Vegas Airport

Cocaine Arrest at McCarran Airport

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is a major airport with millions of tourists passing through every year. On August 27, the Grand Jury charged three men with possession and conspiring to distribute more than five kg of cocaine between Alaska and Las Vegas.

The three men were from Las Vegas; D. Cole, D. Blue and B. Bledsoe. The plan was that Blue would purchase cocaine, which he would then give to Bledsoe, a US Airways employee. Bledsoe could bring the drugs into the airport bypassing security.

Once inside the terminal, Bledsoe would then return the drugs to Blue or others and the package could be put into their carry-on baggage. The three men would distribute the cocaine in Alaska and other states, and then return the proceeds back to Las Vegas using the airport mailing services.

The indictment shows that 12 parcels containing the drug proceeds was sent from Anchorage back to Blue in Las Vegas. Four parcels contained a total of $414,230.

The indictment alleged that there was another scheme using 10 kg of cocaine. The packages bypassed security with Bledsoe and were transferred to Cole in a bathroom. The 10 kg were confiscated and Cole was arrested on June 1. He was charged with intent to sell in Alaska and is now being held in Anchorage. Blue and Bledsoe were arrested, and they will be brought to the federal court in Las Vegas for their first appearance.

Drug possession with intent to distribute is a serious conviction in Nevada and could hold a punishment of up to 15 years in prison and $20,000. If you know someone who has been charged with the intent to sell, contact the professional team of criminal dense lawyers at Potter Law Firm.