Choosing the Right Litigation Team for Your Case

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

A Professional Trial Lawyer Leads the Trial

If you have been arrested and charged with several felonies, it is not in your best interest to select an average criminal defense attorney for your defense. These types of cases require an expert trial attorney like Cal Potter who has accumulated 30 years of experience and the knowledge that comes with it to represent you aggressively in court before a judge.

The trial is not easy, and many trial lawyers don’t have the confidence or the ability to run the courtroom to bring winning results. When the judge enters the courtroom, it becomes a live improv theatre that requires the trial lawyer to react at his best. He must be familiar with all the courthouse rules, the statutes of the state, the legal agenda, the evidence he is presenting and what the prosecution has presented. He is the star of the show, juggling a hundred things at once. Your trial attorney needs to be able to think quickly on his feet, speak well, interpret quickly, stay focused and above all, create an authoritative presence for your case.

Cal Potter has successfully tried thousands of cases over the past 30 years, and he has achieved a reputation as an expert trial lawyer. Mr. Potter is skilled and aggressive in the courtroom because trials require the talent of managing everything that is happening with specific aggressive trial tactics to construct a winning case. Combined with the meticulous investigation of the Potter Law Firm in Las Vegas, it is clear to see how Cal Potter has attained a highly qualified and professional reputation from his colleagues.

Mr. Potter uses his courtroom skills to help those with the more difficult and confusing cases. If your charges are complicated and they have caused anxiety and fear for you, contact Potter Law Firm for a free consultation.