Child Abuse Charges in Las Vegas

Man-JailChild Abuse Affects Everyone involved for Life NRS 432

George Marshall Collins, Jr. is being held in prison today facing 40 charges of sexual abuse on children. Originally, he admitted to photographing and abusing two teenage girls, but recent charges reveal at least 40 girls are involved with 22 counts of possessing child pornography, eight counts of capital sexual battery, three counts of lewd exhibition and four counts of lewd and lascivious molestation. The first two teens told law enforcement that he began touching them inappropriately, and then the sexual abuse escalated around age 13 for one and nine for the other girl.

Think Before You Act with any Crime

Without a good lawyer, sex crimes will follow the defendant for the rest of their life. Here is another real life example with a man who is behind bars for sexually abusing girls in Stafford County, about 25 miles from D.C.. He lived there 15 years ago; he had been a teacher and chairman of the school board. Thomas Francis Villacres, age 53, was allegedly charged with quite a few charges against a child during the eight years he had lived in Virginia.

Villacres has been suspended from his recent position in the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has 48 counts of aggravated sexual battery, 48 counts of indecent liberties with a minor while in a supervisory role and 15 counts of object penetration. He was arrested on June 2, and is still behind bars without bond while awaiting extradition back to Virginia.

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