Cheating the Casinos?

casino-marker1Cheating the Casinos Is No Joke 

The casino business is big money in Nevada. That’s why the penalties for breaking NRS 465.083 by cheating at gambling are so severe.It’s never a good idea to try to cheat at a Las Vegas casino or anywhere else in Nevada. Most casinos employ state-of-the-art security systems that include cameras and other technological devices that are designed to catch cheaters. Nonetheless, sometimes people are charged with cheating when it was never their intention. For instance, a casino may charge that a player fed counterfeit or foreign coins into a slot machine. However, if the player simply made an innocent error, he will have a reasonably good defense in court.

Others who cheat do so by quickly adding chips to the pot the instant they realize they’ve won. The eagle eye of the camera almost always catches this one. Nonetheless, there may be an innocent explanation for the sudden appearance of the chips. More than one gambler has accidentally knocked over a stack of chips, placing them inadvertently in the pot. The cameras should pick up on this, making it impossible to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

Casinos are serious about honesty in gambling. If you’ve been accused of cheating in a casino, you need a tough criminal defense lawyer.