Cheating in a Casino – Legal Penalties?

Consequences of Cheating in a Vegas Casino

Thousands of people descend on Vegas every year with the hopes of striking it rich at one of our local casinos. Not all of them intend to earn their winnings legitimately, as cheating is often planned out well in advance. The Nevada legislature has enacted severe penalties for those who are caught doing this.

Cheating can be carried out in a variety of manners. In some cases, a player will work in conjunction with a blackjack dealer in order to obtain favorable cards. Individuals have also been discovered using hidden cameras to help them cheat at certain games. Switching chips or placing them on a roulette table whenever betting is not authorized are also popular methods of cheating.

Players aren’t the only ones who cheat at casino games. Operators sometimes rig slot machines to give low payouts, or they may also use hidden cameras to detect an individual’s hand. Switching a person’s chips can also be done by casino employees as well in an effort to keep the amount of earnings down.

Casino cheating is considered to be a Category B felony. It can result in a prison term of between one and six years, and a fine of up to $10,000. If you have been accused of cheating in a gambling casino, contact the Potter Law Firm for assistance.