Charged with Sexual Assault?

stop-1131143_640Nevada Sexual Assault Convictions Mean Serious Consequences

Being charged under NRS 200.366 for sexual assault carries serious penalties. This crime is always a felony. Accordingly, someone who is convicted of sexual assault is looking at hefty penalties that include fines and jail time. The consequences don’t end there. A felony conviction can mean the loss of civil rights, like the right to own a firearm. Convicted felons have difficulty finding someone who is willing to rent an apartment to them, and passing a background check for employment is all but impossible. Some people who are convicted under this law have to register in the national database for sexual offenders. Many people’s lives and reputations have been shattered after a conviction of sexual assault.

Nevada law relies on consent when it comes to prosecuting people for sexual assault. Any kind of sexual touching or penetration that occurs without the other person’s consent could be charged under this law. This means that if the victim was in no condition to offer consent, such as being drunk or high, then they may press charges.

Contact the Potter Law Offices if you have been charged under NRS 200.366. These are serious charges, and it’s important that your attorneys begin an aggressive defense as soon as possible.

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