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  • Cell Phone Usage among Inmates Plagues Corrections Officials Nevada prison officials are concerned about the dramatic increase in cell phone usage among inmates over the past few years. As a result, Nevada Corrections Department director Howard Skolnik is asking the state’s lawmakers to consider legislation that would allow cell phone tracking within the prison system. Cell phones automatically send data to nearby towers whenever they are used. Some of the information collected by these towers includes the strength of a phone’s signal and where it is originating. By collecting information from these towers, officials would then be able to detect whether or not cell phones were being used inside a prison. Nevada prison officials believe legislation allowing cell phone tracking

    Jun 12,
  • New Controversy Surrounds O.J. Simpson Nevada’s most famous prisoner, O.J. Simpson is making news again. This time, rumors are circulating that he has made a deal to sell the weapon he used to murder his ex-wife Nicole and her companion Ronald Goldman. A source that claims to be close to Simpson leaked the news to tabloids, which quickly picked up on this story. According to this source, Simpson has held the murder weapon in a secret location in the Bahamas since the 1994 double homicide. He is now willing to sell it for the lofty price of $5 million. How Simpson could have hidden the murder weapon for this long is a mystery. He was acquitted of the killings during

    Nov 12,
  • Gun Charges Nevada protects the constitutional right of its citizens to bear arms. The state also has statutes that regulate their use. Although you may have a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon in another jurisdiction, Nevada does not honor permits from other states. Some local jurisdictions have gun ordinances as well. Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, requires that you register your handguns. Private businesses have the right to establish rules regarding guns on their premises. You must comply with statewide statutes and local laws. Using or carrying a firearm that violates one of these laws can result in your arrest. Possible charges include unlawful possession, brandishing or carrying a concealed weapon. A firearms conviction can have devastating

    Sep 14,
  • Overview of Las Vegas Gun Laws There is a statewide preemption law in Nevada that prevents cities and counties from instituting gun laws that are more restrictive than those passed by the state legislature. Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have some laws that existed prior to this restriction. These jurisdictions were allowed to keep their statutes. If you want to carry a handgun within the limits of Las Vegas, you must comply with these ordinances as well as the state gun laws. One example is that Clark County requires handguns to be registered, but the others counties do not. A 72-hour waiting period and a background check are required before the purchase of your initial handgun. After

    Jul 26,

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