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  • No-fly List: Are you on it? Those wishing to fly out of McCarron Airport could be surprised to find they are unable to do so because they have inadvertently been placed on the government’s “do not fly” list. If so, they will be in good company, as a number of U.S. Senators including the late Edward Kennedy have also been placed on this list. From 2009 to 2012, the number of names on the no-fly list increased substantially. This was due to concerns over gaps in creating this list, thereby leading to suspected underwear bomber Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab boarding a plane bound for Detroit, Michigan on Christmas day. The aggressive efforts of the Transportation Security Administration have resulted in embarrassment

    Mar 27,
  • Some Vegas casinos will extend a line of credit that is known as a “casino marker” to patrons. Those who take out such markers should know that there can be civil as well as criminal penalties involved for failing to pay them back. Casino markers are actually considered checks. As a result, when payment cannot be made, individuals can be subject to Nevada’s bad check law, which is a felony offense that carries significant fines and jail time. What normally happens is that the casino will take measures to collect the unpaid debt first. When these efforts are unsuccessful, the Clark County prosecutor is allowed to bring charges. A warrant is then typically issued for an arrest, and a request

    Mar 24,
  • Have You Paid Your Casino Markers? An unpaid casino marker is a charge that is typically found in states with gambling, and Nevada has had to set up strict law for those who didn’t repay their marker. The casinos are only too happy to extend them, but when the borrower is ready to leave town, they need to be repaid. Typically, the casino likes to make it easy to spend money in Nevada casinos, but, surprising to some, there are consequences for those who don’t pay them back. If you have been charged with an unpaid marker, and markers are available in all of the larger casinos, and you left town, you will be extradited back to Las Vegas. If

    Mar 21,
  • A driver who is pulled over on suspicion of DUI in Nevada may be aksed to take a blood test to determine the amount of alcohol they have in their system. While blood tests are considered more accurate than breath tests, this doesn't mean that blood test results cannot be called into question by a capable Las Vegas DUI attorney. The DUI defense lawyers at the Potter Law Offices understand how much is at stake when you are facing DUI charges. A conviction is a frightening prospect, and the knowledge that the police conducted a blood test can make it seem like the authorities have you dead to rights. As experienced DUI attorneys, the practitioners at this firm know that there

    Mar 18,
  • Many people are relieved to find that a first-time DUI is often charged as a misdemeanor. However, it's best not to feel too relieved. A first DUI misdemeanor comes with tough consequences. In fact, being charged under NRS 404C.110 for the first time sometimes signals the beginning of a long entanglement with the courts. A person who is convicted of a first-time DUI in Nevada is looking at a string of penalties. This includes a sentence of up to six months in jail. Fortunately, the court normally chooses a suspended jail sentence, which means that the defendant won't serve any time unless they violate any order of the court. The defendant will certainly have to pay fines and court costs.

    Mar 15,
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