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  • Nevada has a reputation as a state where people like to take chances and test their luck. One of the ways they do this is by competing in illegal speed contests or drag racing. These infractions are defined by NRS 484B.653, and violations of this law have serious consequences. The criminal defense attorneys at the Potter Law Offices know how tempting it is to pit the abilities of one driver against those of another, particularly when each person is driving a souped up sports car. As tempting as it is, it's best to resist that temptation. Drag racing and speed contests are considered reckless driving under Nevada law. Even a person who merely organizes such an event may be charged

    Jun 30,
  • Unlike other states like California, Nevada doesn't have a law that pertains to carjacking. Instead, carjacking is charged as a cluster of crimes. This means that a person who is convicted under these charges may be facing serious time in prison. That's why your priority should be hiring an experienced criminal defense team like the practitioners at the Potter Law Offices. If someone is accused of carjacking in Nevada, they may be charged with grand larceny of a motor vehicle, robbery, assault and battery and attempted murder. Grand larceny of a motor vehicle is covered by NRS 205.228. Depending upon the value of the car, the person convicted of this crime may be looking at between one and 10 years

    May 31,
  • Although there has been a ban on cell phone use while driving for more than a year, thousands of tickets are being written each month. Local law enforcement officials believe more needs to be done to get the word out to motorists about the dangers of talking or texting while driving. In 2012, the Nevada Highway Patrol issued more than 12,000 citations to drivers who were caught violating the cell phone ban. Here in Las Vegas, metro police officers wrote nearly 10,000 of these citations. That’s a significant number when compared to all other traffic violations in the state and local area. In order to avoid being caught, many drivers are now placing their cell phones in their lap. This

    Jan 15,
  • DMV Hearings For most people, the term “fixing a traffic ticket” probably conjures images of questionable activities. In Las Vegas, the phrase describes the legitimate process of working with a veteran attorney who understands the legal system and motor vehicle-related offenses. Hiring an experienced lawyer enables you to obtain the best possible outcome. If you are cited for reckless driving, speeding, leaving the scene of an accident or driving under the influence, it is important that you retain a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. We have considerable experience handling these types of cases. A misdemeanor offense is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. If you are an out-of-state motorist, do not

    Jun 13,
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of a Traffic Ticket Driving is an essential part of modern life. Most people must drive to meet their professional and personal obligations. The average person spends two or more hours each day in their car. It’s inevitable that you will eventually violate a traffic law and receive a ticket. Your options are to pay the fine or contest the citation in court. Paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty to the violation. The ticket will stay on your driving record for a year. The negative impact on your insurance premiums can last much longer. Each moving violation in Nevada has a specific number of points. If you accumulate 12 or more points in one

    May 06,

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