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  • Legal Assistance for Las Vegas Visitors Approximately 36 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year to enjoy the world-class entertainment venues, shopping and dining. Unfortunately, many tourists are arrested for allegedly violating state laws. Common offenses include drug possession, solicitation and failure to pay a casino marker. If you are detained and charged with a criminal offense, you need the assistance of experienced defense lawyers Las Vegas. It is essential that you invoke you right to legal counsel and contact our office. An arrest in Las Vegas can disrupt your travel plans and your life. Misdemeanor offenses, such as traffic violations, trespassing and jaywalking, are punishable by fines up to $1,000 and incarceration for up to six months. The criminal

    Jun 06,
  • Casino Markers: Attorney, NV The professional legal services of Potter Law can help individuals who have been charged with various crimes. Some of these include the failure to repay a casino marker loan, bad check writing and loan fraud. If you or someone you know is facing any of these charges, the best course of action is to contact a Potter attorney as soon as possible. With over 30 years of experience in the specialized area of criminal defense in Nevada, Potter legal services are invaluable to both residents and visitors alike. The attorneys at Potter all display a formidable track record of victories in areas of law that most frequently affect people arrested in Las Vegas. Why do you

    Mar 20,
  • Casino Marker Law: Las Vegas The ease with which visitors to Las Vegas are able to acquire casino markers can easily backfire. These casino markers are loans that must be repaid, and there are many legal options for casino owners to pursue against individuals who fail to meet their obligations. In fact, the existence of so many casinos in the state has actually created a legal environment that enables casinos to recover these debts relatively easily. The severity of these laws can surprise visitors to the state who often think that Nevada laws are not strict. Casino markers are easy to obtain; however, there is quite a bit of information that must be released in order to get the markers.

    Mar 15,

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