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A Carjacking Arrest Leads to Multiple Charges

Unlike other states like California, Nevada doesn’t have a law that pertains to carjacking. Instead, carjacking is charged as a cluster of crimes. This means that a person who is convicted under these charges may be facing serious time in prison. That’s why your priority should be hiring an experienced criminal defense team like the…

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Is Taking Blood on DUI Suspicion an Illegal Search?

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled recently, in Missouri v. McNeely, that the natural dissipation of alcohol in the blood stream does not always constitute an “exigency” sufficient to justify drawing blood without a warrant. In that case, Tyler McNeely was stopped shortly after 2:00 a.m. for speeding and crossing the centerline. McNeely told the officer…

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Preventing DUI’s in Las Vegas

Preventing DUIs and Hangovers one Patient at a Time Those who find themselves having a little too much to drink on the Vegas strip don’t need to risk getting a DUI. Instead, they can find safe transportation as well as therapy for extreme alcohol consumption by visiting Hangover Heaven. Conceived by an anesthesiologist, these roving…

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DUI Charges in Las Vegas

Defending Against DUI Charges Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious offense in Nevada. In the past several years, the penalties for first time and subsequent arrests have become more severe. Law enforcement has increased their DUI prevention measures. It is possible to be arrested and charged for an offense that you did…

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Avoid the Liabilities that Come With Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas

Avoid the Pitfalls of a Traffic Ticket Driving is an essential part of modern life. Most people must drive to meet their professional and personal obligations. The average person spends two or more hours each day in their car. It’s inevitable that you will eventually violate a traffic law and receive a ticket. Your options…

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