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  •   Whether you've been arrested under NRS 200.280 for mayhem or for violating NRS 200.380 for robbery, you're probably wondering what to do next. You're in police custody and you can't help but think about how to get back home as quickly as possible. In Nevada most people are able to get out of police custody by posting bail. The courts require the posting of bail as an assurance that the defendant will actually show up for their date in court. Most people in police custody are eligible for posting bail and getting out of jail until their trial date. However, there are exceptions to this. NRS 178.484 spells out the conditions under which a person may be granted or

    Jun 24,
  • Las Vegas has millions of hotel rooms. To access one of those rooms, it's necessary to have a key card. Unfortunately, it's easy for people to lose track of these cards while they are gambling, shopping and enjoying all of the entertainment that the city offers. That means that the wrong person can get possession of that key card and gain unlawful access to a hotel room. Nevada has so many hotel rooms that the government enacted NRS 205.900. This is the law governing unlawful hotel key use. There are many circumstances in which charges under NRS 205.900 may be brought. One of these involves a hotel employee who secretly obtains a key card and then uses it to enter

    May 28,
  • An Inside Look at the Fraternal Order of Police  The Fraternal Order of Police is a longstanding organization comprised of sworn law enforcement officers. Las Vegas is home to Lodge 1, which holds meetings on the first Saturday of every month at their location on Gragson Avenue. This lodge is operated by a board of trustees and an executive board. Representatives of these two boards are elected by lodge members. The local lodge here in Vegas is a part of the Nevada state lodge, and trustees from this chapter represent members at special meetings that are held there on occasion. According to its website, the primary mission of the local FOP chapter is to “support and defend the Constitution of

    Sep 27,
  • Identity Theft a Growing Concern for Vegas Tourists Travelers to Vegas are often just as concerned about the possibility of identity theft as they are hotel or flight cancellations. Opportunities for identity theft abound on the strip, but here are a few tips vacationers can practice to reduce their odds of being taken advantage of. Do not keep more credit cards than necessary with you. Instead, choose one or two that you would like to use, and then keep the rest of them at home. Upon arriving at your hotel, lock up your important papers and credit cards so that hotel staff cannot obtain access to them. Never carry your Social Security card or paperwork containing this number in your

    Jul 01,
  • Keeping up with Most Wanted Suspects in Vegas The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department wants help from the public in apprehending wanted fugitives. In order to make it easier to locate these fugitives, they have set up a webpage with details about the suspects they are looking for. Visitors to the site can check the photographs and physical descriptions of suspects, most of who are believed to still be in the Las Vegas area. Those who recognize an individual should not attempt to apprehend that person, but instead contact Metro police at 702-385-5555 or text the information to “crimenv.” There are currently seven men that are wanted for murder listed on the agency’s website, one of who has been sought

    May 16,
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