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  • What does it mean to be a habitual criminal? It means different things in different states. In Nevada NRS 207.010 defines what it means to be a habitual criminal. NRS 207.010 is rather like a three strikes and you're out law. Essentially, a person who is convicted of a felony while they already have two felonies on their record may be subject to a sentence of life in prison. In fact, if you're convicted of a third felony, that in itself is considered a crime and may mean that you are subject to additional penalties over and above those that pertain to the actual crime you are accused of committing. Habitual felons, which are defined under NRS 207.012, are those

    May 25,
  • Ministry Group provides Hope to Those Behind Bars  For many people, incarceration is a time of spiritual reflection and decision making. Southern Nevada Prison Ministries is a local group that helps prisoners here in Las Vegas and other areas within the state make positive changes that will impact their lives and communities once they are released. Southern Nevada Prison Ministries is staffed by volunteers who believe in a Biblical calling for Christians to visit people in prison. Mike Adkins is the founder and president of this group, and is also the police chaplain for the North Las Vegas police department. He often goes on ride-alongs with this department, and has been able to use crisis intervention techniques to help others

    Sep 23,
  • Vegas Photographer on the Lam after Facing Child Porn Charges Vegas police are looking for a photographer who failed to appear in court on child pornography charges. Judge Janiece Marshall issued a bench warrant for his arrest when he failed to appear in court early in September to face multiple charges, including seven counts of using a minor to produce pornography and three counts of lewdness with a child less than 14.William Clyde Thompson was arrested late last year after a police investigation into his activities at Storybook Studios, a local photography business. Officials claim that Thompson photographed a minor in various states of undress, and also asked the child to perform sexually explicit acts for the camera. He

    Sep 19,
  • Casino Owners fear Recent Crime Wave will Affect Tourism  City officials are worried about the reputation of Las Vegas after some recent high-profile crimes. Even though the overall crime rate here is dropping, many fear that tourists will nonetheless be scared off by recent events because they will fear visiting the strip is too dangerous.Earlier this year, there was a car-to-car shooting that ended in a fiery automobile crash. This incident was responsible for the deaths of three people. Shortly thereafter, an elevator stabbing and a shooting at the parking lot of a movie theater also took place. A teacher has also been arrested for killing another patron inside a casino bathroom. The murder allegedly came after the two exchanged words.

    Jul 22,
  • Operation Pure Luck is a collaboration between local and federal law enforcement officials. It began several years ago in an effort to curtail crimes by motorcycle gangs. This operation has recently led to the indictment of 32 people in the Las Vegas area on a variety of charges that were mostly related to drugs and illegal firearms. The operation was initiated by undercover Las Vegas police officers who were investigating a series of high-profile crimes by gangs such as the Hell’s Angels and Mongols. This soon led to other federal agencies becoming involved, as the scope of the crimes being investigated expanded. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms became key players into the extensive operation. In making the arrests,

    Jul 19,
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