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  • Performance-Based Testing being Considered for Driving under the Influence of Marijuana Charges  Section 484C.110 of the Nevada Revised Statute currently sets the standard for violations of driving under the influence of marijuana. This law deems a person to be “per se intoxicated” if certain levels of marijuana are detected in the blood or urine. The Nevada Legislature is currently considering a change in the law that would allow for performance-based testing to take place instead, a move that many believe will more accurately portray impairment.The Subcommittee on the Medical use of Marijuana, which is part of the Advisory Commission of the Administration of Justice has voted 9-3 in favor of drafting such a law, which would be based on a

    Oct 16,
  • What you Need to Know about Drug Crime Laws in Nevada Drug crimes in Nevada can include possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, or trafficking illegal substances. Nevada recognizes different categories of drugs based upon their properties, and some examples are:Category I: PCP, Ecstasy, heroin and hydrocodone Category II: Cocaine, Ritalin (used without a prescription) and methamphetamine Category III: Anabolic Steroids Category IV: Valium, Xanax, Rohpnol, and Ambien, when used without a prescription A first-time drug offender is usually charged with a Category E felony, which is punishable by up to four years in prison. Subsequent offenses are subject to being Category D felonies, which can also carry a four year sentence, but may also include a fine of up

    Aug 20,
  • Consequences of Marijuana Possession New marijuana laws are big news in some American states. Recreational marijuana use is now legal in Colorado and elsewhere, but the same can't be said for Nevada. In most cases, marijuana possession is still considered a crime. Even people who have marijuana in their control for personal use, without intending to sell or distribute it, can be charged under NRS 453.336. Granted, the penalties for mere possession are not as severe as they are for crimes like growing pot plants or trafficking, but there are still consequences. A first offense can mean fines of a few hundred dollars and being required to enter a rehabilitation program. Get caught again, and the charges are still a

    Aug 08,
  • Controlled Substances Violations have High Stakes for Nevada Offenders Under Chapter 453 of the Nevada Revised Statute, controlled substances are anything that has a “stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic effect” for which a person does not have a valid prescription. It can include both legal and illegal substances, with an exception being granted for the medical use of marijuana.Controlled substance violations range from mere possession to manufacturing and trafficking. Merely possessing a drug is generally considered to be a less serious offense than trafficking or manufacturing is. The type of substance and amount in one’s possession can play a part in how severe charges are as well. Doctors and pharmacists who dispense certain medications illegally can also be charged with

    Jun 21,
  • Operation Pure Luck is a collaboration between local and federal law enforcement officials. It began several years ago in an effort to curtail crimes by motorcycle gangs. This operation has recently led to the indictment of 32 people in the Las Vegas area on a variety of charges that were mostly related to drugs and illegal firearms. The operation was initiated by undercover Las Vegas police officers who were investigating a series of high-profile crimes by gangs such as the Hell’s Angels and Mongols. This soon led to other federal agencies becoming involved, as the scope of the crimes being investigated expanded. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms became key players into the extensive operation. In making the arrests,

    Jul 19,

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