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  • The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence recently released statistics that suggest an increasing number of domestic violence victims are seeking help from state-funded agencies. Most of the 40,000 people who relied on these services live in Clark County, but a significant number reside in Washoe County. Administrators working within these programs think that the Ray Rice domestic violence incident may have helped raise awareness, sparking a greater number of calls to their organizations in 2014. Domestic violence is a sensitive issue that should be taken seriously. Nonetheless, NRS 200.485, which deals with battery domestic violence, is sometimes misapplied. If you are found guilty of violating NRS 200.485, the consequences are devastating. With fines, community service and jail time all on

    Jul 21,
  • Committee looks at ways to Curb Domestic Violence Deaths Domestic violence-related deaths have increased over the last few years here in Nevada. In an effort to curb that number, several teams have been created to look into ways to reduce those deaths. These teams have made a number of recommendations, which have been forwarded to Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto. One of the recommendations made involves sentencing. The group recommends that prosecutors do not “plead down” domestic violence charges to lesser offenses. According to committee members, that often leads to dangerous conditions for the victims involved, and is not effective at deterring the perpetrator from offending in the future. Another idea being considered is the prospect of instant protective orders

    May 05,
  • Nevada Correctional Officer Faces Charges of Misconduct Even corrections officers are not above the law, and this was evidenced by the recent arrest of a former worker at the Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center. The man is accused of voluntarily having sex with a female inmate and is being charged with official misconduct. The arrest occurred after an investigation that took place over the course of several months. Complaints from several other inmates who were incarcerated at the facility led to officials at the prison performing this investigation. These complaints alleged that other offenders were being threatened by the inmate who was having the affair because she became jealous of others talking to the male officer. Results from the investigation

    Apr 10,
  • In a bizarre twist of events, a Las Vegas woman and her son have been charged with trying to kill her husband. Amy Pearson, 42; her brother Richard Pearson, 49 and her adopted son Michael Bessey, 21 have all been arrested for the attempted murder of Robert Bessey, 49. Amy and Robert were in the middle of divorce proceedings due to an affair she was having with Michael. The wife realized that once the divorce was final, she would no longer be the beneficiary to his $400,000 life insurance policy. That’s when the mother and son began conspiring to kill their husband and father. A murder attempt occurred on November 14, 2012. That’s when Robert Bessey was shot in the

    Jan 18,
  • Witness Protection Program-A Plausible Theory Behind Rapper's Death? One of the biggest conspiracy theories surrounding the death of rapper Tupac Shakur is that he is alive and in the witness protection program. It seems that at the time of his shooting, his record label Death Row Records was being investigated by the FBI on allegations of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering. Many believe that Shakur had information that he was ready to hand over, but feared for his own safety in doing so. This theory seems even more profound when the fact that his companion on the night of the shooting was the founder of Death Row records. Marion “Suge” Knight was driving the BMW Shakur was riding in,

    Dec 31,
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