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  • A recent robbery at a Las Vegas Subway store resulted in a shooting injury to the clerk on duty. The robbery happened on June 10 at a Subway along the South Maryland Parkway. At around 2:30 in the afternoon a suspect described as a black man entered the store, pulling out a gun and demanding money. Reports don't detail whether or not the suspect received any money, but he did shoot the clerk, seriously injuring him before fleeing the scene. If the Las Vegas police identify the perpetrator, then he will be facing charges under NRS 200.380. This is the Nevada law that defines robbery and the penalties for being convicted of this crime. To qualify as robbery, the perpetrator

    Jul 12,
  •   Whether you've been arrested under NRS 200.280 for mayhem or for violating NRS 200.380 for robbery, you're probably wondering what to do next. You're in police custody and you can't help but think about how to get back home as quickly as possible. In Nevada most people are able to get out of police custody by posting bail. The courts require the posting of bail as an assurance that the defendant will actually show up for their date in court. Most people in police custody are eligible for posting bail and getting out of jail until their trial date. However, there are exceptions to this. NRS 178.484 spells out the conditions under which a person may be granted or

    Jun 24,
  • Criminal defense is thought of as something that is only for guilty people. The truth is that even innocent people can be falsely accused of a crime, which is why our justice system is set up to protect the rights of the defendant until he or she can be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. One way the law protects people is from unreasonable searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives people the right to be “secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects”, which is why certain guidelines must be adhered to when serving search warrants. Any evidence that is illegally obtained is not admissible in court under the “fruits of the poisonous tree doctrine.”

    Jun 11,
  • When and How is the Death Penalty used in Nevada? Nevada has one of the highest per capita death row populations, according to the Nevada Coalition against the Death Penalty. This is true even though the law restricts capital punishment to only certain murder cases where an “aggravating factor” is present. A few of these aggravating circumstances are: Defendant is currently incarcerated Previous murder conviction Murder was committed during a robbery, kidnapping, home invasion or first-degree arson, and the perpetrator intended to kill or use lethal force The homicide was committed to facilitate an escape or prevent an arrest Murder for hire Victim was a peace officer or under the age of 14 Torture was involved Homicide was deemed a

    Jun 07,
  • Ministry Group provides Hope to Those Behind Bars  For many people, incarceration is a time of spiritual reflection and decision making. Southern Nevada Prison Ministries is a local group that helps prisoners here in Las Vegas and other areas within the state make positive changes that will impact their lives and communities once they are released. Southern Nevada Prison Ministries is staffed by volunteers who believe in a Biblical calling for Christians to visit people in prison. Mike Adkins is the founder and president of this group, and is also the police chaplain for the North Las Vegas police department. He often goes on ride-alongs with this department, and has been able to use crisis intervention techniques to help others

    Sep 23,
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