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  • Don't Leave Vegas Without Paying Your Marker  Millions of tourists come to Las Vegas every year to play the casinos. Nevada is the only state where casino markers are treated both as a civil and criminal crime. State laws have made it difficult for tourist or locals, and the trouble arises when the person tries to leave Las Vegas without paying in their markers. The people who try to get away with not paying their debts will have penalties matching those in check fraud.The reason that fraudulent checks and marker debt cause problems is that typically casinos do not perform detailed credit checks before issuing casino markers. Because of this, customers can go way beyond their marker limit before they

    Dec 15,
  • Consequences of Cheating in a Vegas Casino Thousands of people descend on Vegas every year with the hopes of striking it rich at one of our local casinos. Not all of them intend to earn their winnings legitimately, as cheating is often planned out well in advance. The Nevada legislature has enacted severe penalties for those who are caught doing this. Cheating can be carried out in a variety of manners. In some cases, a player will work in conjunction with a blackjack dealer in order to obtain favorable cards. Individuals have also been discovered using hidden cameras to help them cheat at certain games. Switching chips or placing them on a roulette table whenever betting is not authorized are

    Jul 31,
  • Lefty Rosenthal: Legendary Vegas Executive with Ties to Organized Crime Las Vegas has seen its share of notorious criminals, and one of the more recent ones was Frank “lefty” Rosenthal. A former casino executive, Rosenthal was responsible for overseeing the Fremont, Hacienda, Stardust and Marina hotels on the strip and was rumored to have ties to organized crime. Lefty was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1929, and it was here that he first became involved in sports betting. During his time in Illinois, Rosenthal began running an illegal bookmaking enterprise during the 1950’s. Part of his work included bribing sports officials to fix major events on behalf of the Chicago Outfit, an organized crime unit in the Windy City. Rosenthal

    Mar 04,
  • Vegas Black Book-The Official Local Blacklist Visitors to local casinos have more reasons not to cheat than they may be aware of. That’s because not only can cheating cause you to be arrested, your name could also be placed in the “black book”. This little-known book contains a list of patrons that are unwelcome in local casinos because they have been found to be unreputable. Since 1959, Las Vegas casinos have been under the control of the Gaming Control Board. This board is responsible for investigating fraud that occurs inside casinos. They then report this fraud to the Nevada Gaming Commission, which then makes a final determination as to whether fraud actually occurred. The first black book was published in

    Nov 06,
  • Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer: Casino markers are known as bad checks in the state of Nevada.  We have case law as well as statutory law which protects the main industry in the state of Nevada – the casinos.  Resort industry is lobbying in the state of Nevada to interpret what were known as casino markers and at one time believed to be IOUs to actually be commercial paper or what’s known as a check.  So if the marker is submitted to a bank as a check and it bounces, you’re guilty of a bad check offense. This is a serious offense in the state of Nevada – it’s a felon.  It carries it with the sanctions of a fine

    Oct 26,

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