Casino Trespassing in Las Vegas

What springs to mind when you think of trespassing? Chances are that you think of teenagers jumping fences. While this is an example of a transgression against NRS 207.200, the law against trespassing, other conditions apply.

Surprisingly, the majority of people who are arrested for trespass in Nevada are charged while at a casino. That’s because the definition of trespassing under NRS 207.200 encompasses entering property to annoy the owner and willfully staying on another’s property after having received a no trespassing warning.

It’s easy to be arrested and charged under NRS 207.200 in Nevada casinos. Frequently, this happens because casino security guards overreact. The accused person may not have broken any laws, but security personnel aren’t interested. The cops have been called, and they are more likely to listen to the security guard than the person they are detaining.

An individual may also be charged with trespassing under NRS 207.200 for returning to a property after they have been disinvited. Essentially, once casino personnel have asked someone to leave, they may have the right the keep the individual from returning at a later time.

Being arrested under NRS 207.200 can be embarrassing and infuriating, particularly when you don’t feel you were in the wrong. Contact the Potter Law Offices to have your case evaluated. The charges may be reduced or dismissed with the help of a criminal defense attorney.