Casino Markers

custom-casino-poker-chips-setsLas Vegas is one of the most popular places to visit in the country.  When visiting Las Vegas, some individuals make the error of taking a loan from a casino and leaving without paying back the debt.  It is not difficult for most individuals to procure a loan, or what’s called a “casino marker”.  These common casino loans, because of the ease of which these loans can be obtained, can lead  honest individuals into serious legal problems.

Since Nevada is one of the most common places for a casino to exist, the laws which help the casinos recover their debts are much more aggressive in the State of Nevada than it is in any other state.  According to Nevada statutes, getting a casino marker and not repaying the debt is legally similar to writing a bad check in most other states, this can put the individual who received the loan at risk for felony charges; including both civil and criminal penalties.

Because of statute NRS 616D.300, an individual can be accused of making false statements to obtain financial benefits.  This is a serious legal issue that requires aggressive and profession criminal defense representation.

What is a casino marker?

A “casino marker” is essentially a loan from a casino that is like a check.  When the casino grants the loan to the individual seeking the finances, the bank information of the client is taken from the individual and when the casino cashes in the marker, if there are no funds available in the client’s account, it is at this point considered to be akin to writing a bad check.  The charge must be addressed swiftly in order to keep the individual out of serious legal calamity.  The process of acquiring a casino marker is very similar to that of receiving a payday loan.  Unfortunately, for most people it is a little too easy.

Obtaining money by false pretenses is addressed in Nevada statute NRS 205.380.  If you gave information that led a casino to believe finances were available so that the loan was granted, then this statute can be used against you as you deal with the casino marker case here in Las Vegas.  This is why a solid partnership with our law firm is essential to gaining the best legal outcome.  We build a solid legal platform in which our experienced attorney survey all of the evidence and help guide you from the initial arrest to the final verdict.  With the nuances involved in Casino Marker cases, it is essential for you to hire an attorney with a plethora of legal experience, like the Potter Law team.

What to do in a casino marker case?

If you have been charged with failing to repay a casino marker in Las Vegas, the Law Office of Cal Potter can either help you build a legal defense to avoid felony charges in this matter or in some cases a renegotiation schedule can be put into place to satisfy the demands of the district attorney’s office.  Please give us a call if you have a casino marker charge in Las Vegas pending against you or a loved one!