Casino Markers in Las Vegas – Skilled Defense

pokerSome Vegas casinos will extend a line of credit that is known as a “casino marker” to patrons. Those who take out such markers should know that there can be civil as well as criminal penalties involved for failing to pay them back.

Casino markers are actually considered checks. As a result, when payment cannot be made, individuals can be subject to Nevada’s bad check law, which is a felony offense that carries significant fines and jail time.

What normally happens is that the casino will take measures to collect the unpaid debt first. When these efforts are unsuccessful, the Clark County prosecutor is allowed to bring charges. A warrant is then typically issued for an arrest, and a request for expedition can also be attached if the accused is not a Nevada resident.

Most people are surprised to learn that the burden of proof is very low in a casino marker case. The government must show that you willfully intended to defraud the casino of money when taking out a marker. The law is written in such a way that this intent is automatically presumed, which means the accused must actually prove he or she did not have this intent rather than the other way around.

Since defendants have a lot to lose in one of these cases, those who are arrested should not try to represent themselves. Help for casino marker charges can be found by calling the Potter Law Firm  for more information.