Casino Markers in Las Vegas Can Cause Issues if Left Unpaid

gambling-debtDo you Have a Casino Marker in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the major gaming city in the country. Locals and tourists alike find the excitement of the night life, the casino shows and gaming a great way to spend an evening or vacation. Because Las Vegas has been a leader in gambling for decades, the casinos are relatively liberal in issuing casino markers with one stipulation – when you leave Las Vegas, your debts are paid in full.There are two main types of debts in a Casino that cannot be left unpaid.

1. Unpaid or bounced checks
2. Casino markers

Casino markers are used freely at most casinos because they encourage the customer to return to that casino to play, and then it is a convenience for the player so they don’t have to carry money. This is a good safety measure while allowing the customer to enjoy the games with no worries.

Casino credit should be arranged several days before going into the casino to play. An application must be filled out and verified before the marker is permitted. This paperwork is similar to a credit application, and the usual protocol is required.

If you have found that you are ready to leave Nevada, but you cannot pay off your casino marker, contact Potter Criminal Defense lawyer. In Nevada because it is such a high volume gaming state, the casino debts are handled differently. Not repaying a Las Vegas casino where you took out a marker is punishable in both criminal and civil courts.

Though you are having fun, this type of fraud is a serious offense and is treated that way. If you or someone you know has found themselves in this situation, contact an experienced attorney to explain your options and represent you in court. Under penalty of the law, this crime is a felony in Nevada, so if your casino markers have gotten out of hand, this criminal defense attorney will help you straighten it out.