Casino Markers in Las Vegas

Have You Paid Your Casino Markers?

criminal3An unpaid casino marker is a charge that is typically found in states with gambling, and Nevada has had to set up strict law for those who didn’t repay their marker. The casinos are only too happy to extend them, but when the borrower is ready to leave town, they need to be repaid. Typically, the casino likes to make it easy to spend money in Nevada casinos, but, surprising to some, there are consequences for those who don’t pay them back.

If you have been charged with an unpaid marker, and markers are available in all of the larger casinos, and you left town, you will be extradited back to Las Vegas. If you have any other charges, there will be a warrant for those also, and you will need an expert lawyer to handle both charges. Cal Potter has been a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas for over 35 years, and he is very familiar with the legal system.

Nevada enforces strict laws concerning gambling, and there are many laws to protect them, which make holding a marker a civil or felony offence. If it happens to you or a loved one, you will need an experienced attorney who knows the Nevada court system.

If you have been charged with a second crime, such as credit card fraud (205), drug possession (NRS 484), date rape and sexual assault (NRS 200), violent crimes (NRS 200), robbery (NRS 484) or a DUI/DWI (484), Cal Potter can take the case, and represent you with the highest of standards.

The Potter Law Firm is dedicated to finding justice for every client, but they don’t know you’re in trouble if you don’t call. Whether you are a tourist or resident, contact Cal Potter for a free consultation to find out how he can help you to make things right again.