Casino Markers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer:

Casino markers are known as bad checks in the state of Nevada.  We have case law as well as statutory law which protects the main industry in the state of Nevada – the casinos.  Resort industry is lobbying in the state of Nevada to interpret what were known as casino markers and at one time believed to be IOUs to actually be commercial paper or what’s known as a check.  So if the marker is submitted to a bank as a check and it bounces, you’re guilty of a bad check offense.

This is a serious offense in the state of Nevada – it’s a felon.  It carries it with the sanctions of a fine as well as incarceration if you are to be found guilty of writing the bad check.  Like any type of bad check, the state of Nevada – particularly, the county of Clark, which is where Las Vegas is located, has a program called the Bad Check Unit who generally deal with the diversion-type situation where if you write a bad check or sign a casino marker that is submitted to your bank, and there are found to be insufficient funds, then the District Attorney’s Office will deal with the offense as a bad check.

You should consult with an attorney anytime that you have received notification that you’re being subject to prosecution based upon the Bad Check Unit.