Carjacking Gone Wrong in Las Vegas

Carjacking Gone Wrong

On Wednesday around 10 pm, a woman was sitting in her boyfriend’s driveway inside her Chevrolet Malibu. As soon as her boyfriend went inside for a moment, two 19-year-old boys knocked on the window and said, “where’s your old man at?” The woman called her boyfriend inside and told him that two men were looking for him. When he came outside, they both pointed guns at him.With that, they snatched the keys, threw the woman out of the car and took off. But, as she was being pulled out of the car, her cell phone fell out of her purse and into the back seat completely unaware to the boys.

When Metro Police discovered that they simply used a “Find my Phone App” to track the phone, and they found the car was headed north. With the help of a Sheriff’s helicopter, they followed the vehicle while officers on the ground pulled the stolen Malibu over. After that short search, the two carjackers were arrested and are in jail.

Nevada does not have a specific charge for carjacking, so police use a cluster of charges for this felony. The teens are facing charges of armed carjacking, robbery (NRS 200.380), aggravated assault (NRS 200.471, NRS 200.481) and use of a firearm during a felony (NRS 193.165) according to Metro police.

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