A Carjacking Arrest Leads to Multiple Charges

Thief wearing a robbery mask trying to steal a purse bag in a auUnlike other states like California, Nevada doesn’t have a law that pertains to carjacking. Instead, carjacking is charged as a cluster of crimes. This means that a person who is convicted under these charges may be facing serious time in prison. That’s why your priority should be hiring an experienced criminal defense team like the practitioners at the Potter Law Offices.

If someone is accused of carjacking in Nevada, they may be charged with grand larceny of a motor vehicle, robbery, assault and battery and attempted murder. Grand larceny of a motor vehicle is covered by NRS 205.228. Depending upon the value of the car, the person convicted of this crime may be looking at between one and 10 years in prison and considerable fines. However, someone accused of carjacking may also be found guilty of robbery under NRS 200.380, which may carry a penalty of 15 years in prison. Charges under NRS 200.471 and NRS 200.481, which relate to assault and battery, may result in additional penalties. If the victim was killed during the carjacking, murder charges under NRS 200.010 may be made.

Clearly, Nevada courts regard carjacking as a serious offense. That means you need someone with the right credentials and experience to represent you in court. With their years of experience before the Nevada criminal courts the practitioners at the Potter Law Offices stand ready to defend you in court. You are entitled to an aggressive defense, and that’s what you get from this criminal defense team.