You Can Run, But You Sure Can’t Hide in Clark County

It is understood that you can’t run from the police at an accident to avoid a ticket or arrest, not for any reason. Very few people are aware of how serious the consequences are to ignoring or evade a police vehicle with its lights flashing.

In Clark County, you can be charged with evading or fleeing the scene with a resulting charge that would range from a misdemeanor to a category B Felony depending on the situation.

The charge of misdemeanor evading, not pulling over when police lights are flashing from an easily identifiable vehicle, is found in NRS 484B.550(a). Most misdemeanors carry the same punishment, which is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

But, this misdemeanor can become a much more serious charge. According to Nevada Law, if for the evading vehicle damages another’s property. the charge will become a felony. It doesn’t matter if the damage is large or small and or even if there was no actual damage throughout the chase according to NRS 484B.550(b). If authorities believe that the driver would be “likely to endanger people, places or things” they would make the evading charge a felony.

One of the most common reasons for evading is that the driver knows they are going to get a DUI, and they try to avoid arrest. Felony evading could get 1-6 years in prison with a $5,000 fine. If you think you can evade the Metro Police Deportment on any given day, you’ve been watching too many crime shows. Contact Cal Potter to assist you with the details.