Can an Ex-Felon Have a Firearm?

Gang members in a dark alleyEx-Felon Possessing a Firearm

Are you a “prohibited person?” If you are, then you have probably been convicted of a felony or have been identified as a drug user. Even people who have a domestic violence charge may be considered a prohibited person. That’s because people with these types of records may be prohibited from possessing or handling a firearm.Nevada Revised Statute 202.360 governs the definition of and penalties for a prohibited person who is caught with a firearm. Being accused of breaking this law is serious, and the penalties if convicted are severe. A conviction may lead to the defendant spending between one and six years in a Nevada prison. Moreover, they may be responsible for up to $5,000 in fines. Before reaching a decision on the sentence, the court considers many factors including where the weapon was obtained and how dangerous the firearm is. For example, if the gun was stolen or was a semi-automatic weapon, then the penalties are likely to be more severe.

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