Can Casino Employees Detain Suspected Cheaters?

Casinos are big business in Nevada. This means that the state legislature has enacted numerous laws aimed at regulating and protecting the industry. Consequently, the penalties for cheating in a Vegas casino are harsh.

People have been trying to beat the house for as long as gambling has existed. Some try to do this by cheating, but that is rarely a good idea in this day and age. Casinos employ incredibly advanced technology that helps them to spot a cheater with a minimum of delay. Additionally, the staff members who work at the tables and provide security are highly trained in the art of spotting cheaters. Even if it seems like a cheating ruse is working for a few minutes, the success is typically short lived.

Still, people try to cheat Vegas casinos every day, and the legislature has given casino employs considerable leeway when it comes to detaining suspected cheaters. According to NRS 465.101, it is permissible for any casino employee to question a suspected cheat. Note that this power is not limited to security personnel, but applies to everyone employed by the casino. The law further states that the casino or its employees cannot be held criminally or civilly responsible for questioning a guest.

However, another portion of the law says that casino guests may only be detained if security personnel have probable cause. Moreover, the detainment must be reasonable and for only a reasonable amount of time.

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