Can You Be Arrested for Having Drugs in Your System?

Most people are aware that they cannot legally possess controlled substances. Furthermore, they know that it is illegal to operate a vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs. Fewer people know that they can be arrested for being high in public.

Lots of people come to Las Vegas to enjoy a good time. Most of the time, that fun includes drinking alcohol. For some, recreational use of illegal drugs is just another part of that good time. One of the most popular of these is MDMA, which also is known as ecstasy.

MDMA is a well-known empathogenic drug. People who use it experience feelings of euphoria while also feeling an enhanced sense of intimacy with other people around them. MDMA frequently is found in Las Vegas’ nightclubs and bars. Additionally, its presence is fairly common at the city’s many festivals and concerts.

Everyone already knows that they will likely be charged with a crime if they are caught with ecstasy in their possession. However, Nevada law NRS 453.411(1) says that it is similarly illegal for an individual to “use or be under the influence of a controlled substance except in accordance with a lawfully issued prescription.” Typically categorized as an E-level felony, this crime may be punishable by as many as four years in prison.

Charges under NRS 453.411(1) are fairly rare. The police are more likely to seek charges such as disorderly conduct or breaching the peace. Still, if they have good reason to believe that a suspect is under the influence of illegal drugs, then they may ask for a blood or urine test, resulting in more serious charges.

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