California Manhunt Now in Las Vegas

A manhunt for a former Los Angeles police officer was recently underway in Vegas. Authorities searched the local home of Christopher Dorner in hopes of locating the suspect who is accused of killing a couple and a police officer in two separate incidents in California.

Although Dorner wasn’t located at the home, FBI agents were seen removing several boxes of evidence from the residence. The yields from the search were placed in a law enforcement vehicle and taken to an undisclosed location. It is not known whether any evidence was found that would link Dorner to either one of the slayings he is accused of.

Meanwhile, Dorner’s pickup truck was located in the Big Bear Lake area, which is some 200 miles west of the city of Las Vegas. The truck was burned out when it was located by police a few days ago. Since then, the manhunt for the suspect has extended over a three-state area and south into Mexico.

Dorner was fired from the Los Angeles police department in 2008, and police say the killings were done to avenge that action. Since the initial slaying, Dorner has led law enforcement officials on a journey from Irvine to Riverside via San Diego, exchanging fire with officers on at least two separate occasions.

The 33 year-old suspect is approximately six feet tall and weighs around 270 pounds. He is of African-American descent and considered armed and dangerous. Those with information concerning his whereabouts should contact law enforcement rather than attempting to confront him.  Never confront an accused felon in an attempt to be a hero.

As in all cases, the suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but we always encourage citizens to face their trial before their peers rather than fleeing authorities.  If you need help with a criminal defense matter, please call the Potter Criminal Defense team today!