Burglary Lawyers in Las Vegas

Nevada laws are especially harsh when it comes to burglary. NRS 205.060 may be brought against anyone who enters a home, business or other structure with the intention to commit any level of larceny or assault and battery. A plan to obtain property or money by false pretenses or to commit any felony is also covered under the law. You need to speak with burglary lawyers in Las Vegas if you have been accused of this crime.

Burglary is a relatively easy case for prosecutors to win. That’s because the law does not specify that someone is guilty of this crime only if they successfully make off with the family jewels or physically attack someone. Instead, the prosecutor must only show that the defendant “intended” to commit one of these crimes once they illegally entered the property. It’s this peculiarity of NRS 205.060 that makes it imperative for the accused to hire skilled, aggressive legal counsel. Only a competent criminal defense attorney is capable of adequately protecting the accused from the prosecutor’s attack.

The law also does not require forced entry into the structure. Some people who are charged with burglary entered through an unlocked door or open window. In some cases, the accused was actually invited into the home or business. Nonetheless, if they entered the structure with the intent to commit some type of crime, they may be convicted of burglary.

Anyone who is convicted of burglary in Nevada will be found guilty of having committed a Class B felony. This means that the punishment could include between one and 10 years in a state prison as well as fines of no more than $10,000. The situation only gets worse for someone who is carrying a gun during the burglary. That individual could spend between two and 15 years in prison.

Burglary charges are extremely serious. Prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively, and this means that defendants must hire particularly skilled legal counsel. Contact experienced burglary lawyers in Las Vegas if you have been accused of this crime. They will examine the evidence, perform an independent investigation and do everything possible to preserve your rights and your freedom.