Bribery Charges in Las Vegas

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Chapter 197 of the Nevada Revised Statute talks about the different types of bribery, which can occur against an executive, public officer, or any other official who has the power to influence someone in some way. It basically amounts to offering a reward in exchange for certain favors that would not otherwise be obtainable, and is something that happens all too often in Vegas.

The problem with bribery charges are that they can sometimes stem from a misunderstanding between two parties. In their effort to curtail corruption, officers sometimes perform entrapment during the course of their investigation. Entrapment refers to getting someone to do something they might not do otherwise. Snitches sometimes turn state’s evidence in order to shift blame away from themselves and implicate an uninvolved party.A defense attorney will carefully scrutinize all the evidence in a case to ensure it was legally obtained. Witness testimony will also be analyzed in order to uncover any possible ulterior motives. Lawyers will likely try to cast reasonable doubt as to the defendant’s intentions as well.If you are aware of a bribery investigation, don’t wait until charges are filed to seek assistance. Contact the Potter Law Firm for an analysis of your case as soon as possible.