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  • It's not necessary to have a license to purchase a gun in Nevada. However, anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon does have to meet strict guidelines to obtain a permit. If you're facing weapons charges in Nevada, then you need an aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense attorney working on your case. For a weapon to be considered "concealed" in Nevada, it must not be readily observable. Accordingly, a concealed weapon could be carried in a pocket, under a jacket or in a purse or backpack. While most people think of guns when they hear "concealed weapon," the law actually applies to a range of other implements like machetes and explosives. However, the law says that it's generally not

  • A warrant may be issued for your arrest for numerous reasons in Nevada. Arrest warrants are requested by the police when they believe that someone has committed a crime. Bench warrants are issued by judges, typically when someone is considered in contempt of court. When an arrest warrant is issued, this usually means that a criminal court proceeding begins. However, a bench warrant can be issued in connection with a wide variety of matters that do not necessarily belong in criminal court. Having a warrant out for your arrest is no small matter. In fact, you might want to enlist the services of a Las Vegas defense attorney as soon as you find out that authorities are looking for you.

  • Ignoring a traffic ticket can quickly turn a minor inconvenience into a major problem. That's because the court will notify the DMV that you failed to appear or pay your fine, which means that your license can be suspended. Even if you do take care of your tickets on time, you could still land in hot water. If you receive three moving violations in a twelve-month period, the DMV can suspend your driving privileges. If you've run into trouble on the road, then you need a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney to work for you. Drivers often think that they are doing the right thing by pleading guilty to a moving violation in Nevada or simply paying their ticket. What

  • A person who is accused of a sex offense in Las Vegas is facing a dark future. The mere accusation, or even suspicion, of a sex crime is often enough for many people to simply decide that the defendant is guilty. This is why hiring a Las Vegas sex offense attorney is so vital. With their assistance, it may be possible to prevent charges from being filed or to have the charges reduced or dropped. A person who does not hire an attorney may find that their entire lifestyle is at risk. Nevada's laws define several offenses as "sex crimes." Sexual assault under NRS 200.366, sexual battery under NRS 200.485 or date rape under NRS 200.366 are all included in

  • In Nevada, people rely heavily on their cars. It's how they get to work and take the kids to school. The family car is a necessity for going to the grocery store, visiting a park or keeping doctor appointments. If you contemplate what it would be like if you couldn't drive for awhile, you might realize that your life would come to a virtual standstill. That's what it feels like when your driver's license gets suspended. Suddenly, that trip to the doctor's office is far more complicated. The outcome for a person who relies on their driving privileges to earn a living is even more devastating. More than one driver has lost their job when they could no longer legally

  • Many states and the federal government have instituted a so-called "three-strikes" law. Nevada's version of this is its "habitual criminal" law under NRS 207.010. Essentially, this law says that anyone who receives a third felony conviction could receive a life sentence in prison. When so much is at stake, it is imperative that the defendant have an experienced Las Vegas three strikes attorney fighting for them. Through their efforts, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped, thereby avoiding a life sentence. NRS 207.010 treats a third felony conviction as though it is a separate crime. The law further divides repeat offenders into three classes: habitual criminals, habitual felons and habitual fraudulent felons. Prosecutors most often seek

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