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  • Most people know how murder is defined. It is the deliberate taking of another person's life. However, fewer people are familiar with the term "manslaughter." Understanding this term may make it easier to comprehend the charges that you are facing. Legal counsel is mandatory when you're being investigated for manslaughter. These charges are serious. If you want to maintain your life and your freedom, then competent legal representation is crucial. Manslaughter, as defined under NRS 200.030, is a less serious crime than murder. Where murder requires premeditation and malice, manslaughter does not involve these elements. Manslaughter may be either voluntary or involuntary. A voluntary manslaughter is one that happens in the heat of the moment. The suspect is thought to

  • If you or someone you love has been accused of murder, then you are probably feeling frightened and alone. The courts regard murder as the most serious crime, and this means that they are apt to be over zealous in their prosecution. This means they may miss subtle clues that might absolve the suspect. This is why it's critical to work with an experienced Las Vegas murder attorney. They are trained to look for even the minutest detail that might put reasonable doubt into the mind's of jurors. Nevada's laws defining murder and the punishment for this crime are found at NRS 200.030. To get a conviction, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant committed "the unlawful killing of a

  • Some people don't realize what a serious crime forgery is. They think that it's no big deal if they sign their friend's name on a contract or use someone else's check. What they don't realize is that Nevada's courts take forgery seriously. In addition to facing possible jail time and fines, someone who has a record of forgery may have difficulty finding employment. If you've been accused of forgery, contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. Forgery is defined under NRS 205.085 as creating or using a falsified document. Frequently, this crime involves checks, money orders, wills, court orders or powers of attorney. Most of these documents initially are legal and legitimate, but if someone tampers with or alters them

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    Burglary is defined under NRS 205.060, and being found guilty of this crime leads to serious consequences. This law covers plenty of territory, including that it is a crime to intend to commit burglary. Clearly, prosecutors take burglary seriously, and so should you if you are facing these charges. State law defines burglary as the act of entering a home, business or other structure with the intention to commit larceny or assault and battery. Obtaining money or property by false pretenses also is covered by NRS 205.060. Whether or not the suspect succeeded in assaulting a victim or stealing some money or property is almost beside the point. Some suspects get arrested simply for being where they shouldn't be. Then,

  • Assault is not always charged as a felony in Nevada. However, when a deadly weapon is involved, then the crime may be charged under NRS 200.471. This means that it will be charged at the felony level, which carries harsher penalties than misdemeanor assault. If you're facing felony assault charges in Las Vegas, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to take your case. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't necessary to make contact or actually physically harm someone in order to be charged with felony assault in Nevada. A defendant who actually made physical contact with another person would be charged with assault and battery, with battery being a separate crime. Examples of felony assault include brandishing a knife

  • If you get arrested for arson under NRS 205.010, then it's imperative that you hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to fight for you. Felony arson charges in Nevada carry serious consequences. Because the prosecutor is likely to seek maximum penalties, working with a Las Vegas arson attorney is the only way to go. Most of the time, when someone is accused of arson in Nevada, it means that law enforcement or other officials believe that a blaze was intentionally set with the object of collecting on insurance. This means that most arson cases involve someone being accused of burning their own home, business, land or vehicle with the hope that they will receive compensation from their insurer. Of

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