Binge Drinking and DUI Charges in Las Vegas

Binge drinking is a problem in Nevada. It seems to be a particular issue for Las Vegas. It may occasionally be locals who indulge in this bad habit, but it’s more often visitors who have come here looking for a good time. Unfortunately, that good time frequently turns into time behind bars.

Experts define binge drinking as consuming five or more drinks in a single session for men and consuming four or more drinks in a single session for women. That may not sound like a lot of drinks to you, especially if you’re spending a few hours sitting at the poker table or watching the game with friends. However, that many drinks in one session is definitely enough to impair your driving abilities, and it could certainly get you arrested for a DUI.

Statistics suggest that kids under 21 are particularly prone to binge drinking. In fact, estimates say that 90 percent of the alcohol consumed by this age group is ingested during a binge drinking session. Considering that teens 16 and older may hold a driver’s license, this is a troubling reality. How many of these kids are going to make the perhaps tragic decision to get behind the wheel after an evening of binge drinking?

The State of Nevada considers driving a privilege. Accordingly, that privilege can be revoked for driving under the influence under NRS 484C.110. If the driver is under the age of 21, they can be charged under the state’s Zero Tolerance Law, NRS 483.461.

Conviction under either one of these laws results in serious penalties that can completely change the direction of your life. A reputable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney may be able to mitigate the consequences.

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