Bigamy in Las Vegas?

Bigamy: When what Happens in Vegas Doesn’t stay in Vegas

It’s difficult to tell how many Vegas elopements result in bigamy charges elsewhere. Unfortunately, many who come here on vacation have been persuaded to marry over the years, even if they are not yet divorced from their current spouses.

A Texas man faced charges in 2008 after he married his girlfriend while passing through Vegas. The former truck driver claims that he and his bride “got a wild hair” and decided to say “I do” at the Little White Wedding Chapel here in town. According to the groom, he “really didn’t feel married” after doing so, and claims he never thought of his ceremony as being official. Although bigamy charges in Texas can result in a 10-year prison sentence, the groom nonetheless claims he would do the same thing over again.

A Florida man escaped bigamy charges in 2010 based on a technicality in that state’s law. Case law there has ruled that a subsequent marriage must also take place in Florida in order for bigamy charges to stand. Since he married while on an excursion in Vegas, criminal charges against him were subsequently dropped.

Bigamy can be a felony offense no matter where it takes place at. Those who are accused of bigamy can seek advice from a reputable law firm such as Potter Criminal Defense.