For the Best Experience in Las Vegas, Leave Drugs and Alcohol Behind

With an average of 3.5 million tourists filling the streets and hotels in Las Vegas every month, there are always concerts, festivals, conventions, sports events, and a plethora of special events going on. There is always a substantial presence of the Metro Police covering these events to maintain control.

So, drivers know that drinking and driving, with a BAC over .08, is illegal, and if they continue to do so, they risk being charged with a DUI. (NRS 484). Some people may wonder, is it also illegal to take a controlled substance to enhance the experience at a concert or music festival, and the answer is also “No unless it is a lawfully issued prescription.” The drug cannot be ingested or on their person or they can be charged with drug possession.

NRS 453.411 states that it “is illegal to be under the influence of a controlled substance unless it is a prescription medication,”
Possession of a controlled substance is also found in NRS 453.336, and issues penalties according to three criteria: 1) the type of drug (such as GHB, cocaine or Marijuana) that is found, 2) the amount that is found, and 3) how many times the defendant has been convicted of this same charge.

All of the controlled substances are felonies except Marijuana, and the sentences range from six months to six years in Clark County Correctional System for the first offense. This is a limited description. If you have been charged with drug possession, contact Potter Law Firm to discuss the details with an experienced criminal lawyer.