Bank Robbery by a Woman is Unusual

The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that a woman, whose name has been withheld, was arrested for allegedly robbing two Las Vegas banks just an hour apart.

She went into Wells Fargo first and then went to the Bank of America one hour later. The suspect was later arrested by the Las Vegas police only three hours later on Saturday afternoon.

Nevada takes robbery very seriously, especially when it puts innocent people in jeopardy. It can be a very complicated charge because there are many elements included in the statue. NRS 200.380 has the definition according to Nevada statutes, and it is a significant detail to note whether force was used or not.

Robbery is a category B felony, which is second only to murder and sexual assault. It is punishable by a minimum sentence of 2 to 5 years and a maximum sentence of up to 15 years, especially if a “deadly weapon” was used. Robbery is considered a violent crime, so this double bank robbery seems to be completely out of character for this bank robbing woman.

Robbery is also a probational felony, which means that the sentence may be dropped on the first conviction and probation given. Las Vegas is not tolerant of robberies, and the majority of time, the robbery conviction will end in incarceration.

Since this is true, chances are that this female bank robber will also be a minority in Clark County Detention Center. If you have been arrested for burglary or robbery, regardless of your gender, race or age, contact Potter Law Firm for assistance with your case.