Backlog of Rape Kits to be Cleared

Drug-WomanAt the end of May 2015 the Las Vegas Sun reported on efforts to clear up a backlog of rape kits. These evidence kits have been sitting in storage rooms or crime labs for years, waiting for their turn to be tested. The backlog is not only a problem in Nevada, but also in states across the nation. Other jurisdictions that have been working feverishly to resolve their backlog of rape kits have issued hundreds, or even thousands, of arrest warrants based on DNA testing results.

If similar efforts in Nevada prove to be successful, then it seems likely that the state will see a sharp increase in arrests for date rape under NRS 200.366. Other people may be charged with sexual assault or related crimes under the same law. Many of these rape kits are several years or even a few decades old. The chain of custody may be questionable at best.

Being accused of rape or sexual assault is terrifying. The effects on a person’s life are devastating even if they are not ultimately proven guilty of the crime. If you are contacted by police, make it a priority to hire a criminal defense attorney. The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices can help you defend your rights.